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May 23, 2023 | By RGR Marketing Blog

What Is the Value of Your Solar Prospects Buying Panels Before Spring?

Buy Solar LeadsSolar panels can be installed any time of year as long as the weather isn’t too wet or snowy. But just because this is the case, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still try to convince your solar prospects to buy their panels before spring.

In fact, there are a few very key reasons why purchasing their solar panels before spring might make better sense for your client. Here are seven compelling reasons to share with your prospects when delivering your pitch.

#1: Your Solar Prospects Will Beat the Summer Rush

It is not unusual for some homeowners to put their solar pursuits on hold during the winter months because thinking about solar energy during the coldest, wettest, and cloudiest time of year doesn’t come easy. As a result, many won’t start thinking about it again until after the clocks spring forward and longer days return. This almost always results in a solar installation traffic jam for homeowners wanting to go solar at the first sign of summer and many are forced to wait until fall to have their systems installed.

By purchasing their panels before spring, your clients will be ready for an early installation and in doing so, avoid the eventual summer rush for solar.

#2: Your Clients Will Be Up and Running for the Peak Solar Energy Months

Solar panels can produce clean energy all year round, even in the winter. But there’s no denying that the summer months are when these systems operate at their peak. By getting their solar panels installed early in the spring, your clients will be primed and ready to reap the benefits of solar during the time of year when the benefits are at their highest. Their energy savings can start immediately instead of having to wait another year to experience the best of what solar has to offer.

#3: Your Solar Clients Can Have More Energy Credits in the Bank for Fall and Winter

If your client’s utility company issues credits for excess, unused solar energy, then the earlier your client can start banking those credits, the better off they’ll be in fall and winter, when they might need to rely on grid power at certain times, such as during long stretches of bad weather. Their energy credits will help offset the cost of their grid-produced energy use during this time.

#4: The Installation Process With Be Quicker and Smoother for Your Client

Installing a residential solar energy system requires a lot of paperwork. There are permits required, correspondence with local utility companies that needs to be managed, and more. By going with an early spring installation, your client will enjoy processing their paperwork during a time of less congestion in these offices. This will result in quicker responses, more personalized service, and an overall smoother experience.

#5: The Solar Savings Start Immediately

Buying their panels in early spring will allow your client’s system to be installed in relative short order without much wait time. This will enable them to start saving on their monthly energy bills immediately. It’s about as instant gratification as you can get with a home improvement project.

#6: Your Solar Prospects Can Take Advantage of Tax Credits and Other Incentives

Congress extended the 30% federal solar tax credit until 2032, but with 2024 being an election year, who knows what could happen to a wide range of other solar incentives should coal-obsessed Republicans return to power. This is a crucial election cycle for the future of renewable energy, so if your client wants to avoid potentially having to pay a lot more for their solar, then getting an early spring installation is the best way to do it.

#7: Your Client Can Enjoy the Summer for the Relaxing Season It Is

No other season is synonymous with relaxation as much as summer. The season’s long, hot, and hazy days are simply made for backyard BBQs, afternoons in the pool, evening conversations on the porch, and taking vacations. The last thing anyone wants to have to deal with is meeting with and comparing contractors, having a trove of contractors around the house, extensive paperwork, and changing conflicting vacation schedules to fit within a contractor’s busy installation calendar. By going solar in spring, your client will be able to enjoy their summer to the fullest, and with lower energy bills!

Better Solar Leads Make For Better Solar Sales

The best solar leads are prospects who have already done a lot of their own research and are very close to making their purchasing decision. These leads are easier to convert because it takes less effort to try and convince them of solar’s many benefits.

At RGR Marketing, this is the type of lead you can expect to find yourself working with. We provide you exclusive access to scrubbed and validated leads that fit your unique target demographics. Our purchased lead lists are up-to-date, so you can expect far fewer dead or duplicate leads and fewer instances of incorrect or incomplete contact information. We take these extra steps to help save you time and resources.

If you’re looking to secure more spring solar installations, then make sure your prospects are aware of the above facts. Along with our higher quality leads, including this information in your sales pitches will help ensure more profitable springtimes in your future.

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