RGR Process

Our system combines sophisticated software, trusted partners, and a manual QA process to vet sources and verify leads in real time. Plus, we tailor the leads to your business objectives.


The result? High quality, qualified leads that convert into sales for your team, driving greater profits for your organization.

Lead Validation Partners

RGR Marketing works closely with the following technology partners to perform automatic real-time lead validation.


RGR Marketing leverages infutor to validate lead data like name, phone, email, and address information, as well as to verify the lead is a real person and can be contacted.


Jornaya witnesses the facts about every lead event, and enables RGR Marketing to measure consumer intent, improve acquisition, and ensure TCPA compliance.


Anura is an ad fraud solution that monitors traffic and identifies whether a visitor is real or the result of bots, malware, or human fraud.

Lead Management Systems

We strongly endorse the use of automated lead management systems (LMS) for our strategic partners. To facilitate this, we’ve added functionality to our proprietary software platform to make it easy to incorporate a premium LMS into your lead generation solution. RGR Marketing recommends the following Lead Management Systems:


RGR Marketing gives you an ongoing supply of the best possible leads, while Velocify insures sales teams keep pace with the speed of opportunity and improve conversion rates by driving rapid lead response, increased selling discipline, improved productivity, and actionable insights.


Leadmailbox.com is the “first” web based lead management and tracking system designed for the mortgage industry. RGR Marketing’s strategic partners rely on consistently increasing conversion rates through LeadMailbox.

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