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January 12, 2022 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Fostering Relationships With Your Solar Clients as a Marketing Strategy

Buy Solar LeadsBesides providing a homeowner with tremendous savings on their monthly utility bills, one of the biggest selling points of solar is that solar panel systems can last for years with limited maintenance needs. But it’s important for a solar installer to avoid giving their prospects the wrong impression. Just because solar can last for years doesn’t mean that the homeowner won’t have to eventually have their system maintained or take care of their panels.

When selling solar to your prospects, transparency is key. Let them know beforehand how much they can expect to have to care for their solar panels barring any unforeseen circumstances that might result in damage. This will help ensure that your clients won’t suffer from buyer’s remorse. Here’s how to help your residential solar power clients care for their solar panels.

Clean Panels Perform Better

Solar panels are installed at the same pitch as the roof, so rain will naturally rinse the panels clean and, in the winter, snow melts quicker on the panels than it does on the rest of the roof. But depending on where the homeowner lives, they may need to take more proactive action to help ensure their panels are clean and free from dust and dirt.

If the homeowner lives somewhere dry and dusty, or they live in an area that sees a lot of storms, then they should check their panels monthly, or hire their installer to inspect them, to make sure they don’t develop a layer of dust or debris that might interfere with their performance.

Check the Panels After Every Severe Weather Event

Solar panels are designed to withstand the worst weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t impervious to damage if exposed to the right instigators. Therefore, after every severe storm, a homeowner should give their panels a look-over to see if any of the panels suffered any cracks or breaks. Fortunately, should a panel become damaged by a storm, the homeowner’s insurance should cover the repair or replacement.

Monitor the System’s Performance

Most solar systems come with online monitoring, which allows a homeowner to see in real time how their solar panel system is performing. After having their system installed, you should advise your customer to take advantage of this resource to keep track of their system’s performance on a regular basis. Checking it daily, weekly, or at the minimum, monthly, will help the homeowner identify issues early on, so they can have them resolved with the least impact as possible.

Improve Your Spring Sales With Solar Leads That Make the Difference

Every solar installer wants to have their spring installation calendar filled before the season arrives. To accomplish this, leads need to be converted well before winter is over. At RGR Marketing, we can provide you with solar leads that make a difference. Our leads are pre-scrubbed and validated before we give them to you. This means that you can get right to work converting leads into customers. Our real-time leads allow you to get the best results in less time and for less money.

RGR Marketing has more than 20 years of experience working with solar professionals. We understand the business and what makes for the most qualified solar lead. Give our leads a try today and watch your spring installation calendar fill up.

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