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December 8, 2021 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Can Solar Sell Itself in Winter? How to Address Your Prospects' Concerns

Buy Solar LeadsSelling solar in winter can be a little more difficult than selling it in the spring and summer because the days are shorter and tend to be more overcast. This can cause some prospects to wonder about solar’s ability to provide them with the power they need during the winter months.

But as challenging as it might be, there are some real tangible reasons why going solar in winter makes fantastic sense. It’s your job as an installer to educate your prospects as to what these reasons are. By hitting on your prospects’ pain points, you will increase your chances of securing more installations over the winter. Here are the top five pain points you need to hit when selling solar in winter.

#1: Protection Against Power Outages

A winter power outage can be devastating, especially for families where most of their appliances run on electricity. This is a powerful pain point that you can use to your advantage when trying to sell solar in winter. With a properly sized solar system and battery storage capacity, a household can avoid the inconvenience and potentially dangerous reality caused by a wide power outage because all its daily electricity demand can be produced by their solar system.

#2: Save Money on Installation

If cost is one of the primary reasons why a prospect is hesitating to go solar, then this hurdle can be overcome simply by having their solar system installed in the winter. The winter is solar’s “off season,” so installers have plenty of extra time to take on installations and this can lead to incredible deals, more convenience, and faster installations. Plus, this is the time of year when demand for solar tends to wane, so equipment prices also tend to take a tumble.

#3: Greater Personal Attention

In solar, every customer is your most important, but during the heat of the summer installation season, individual attention can sometimes fall by the wayside. If your prospect is someone who appreciates being the number one priority on your installation list, then securing a winter solar installation will allow you to provide them with all the service and attention they expect.

#4: Greater System Efficiency

There’s a common misconception about solar that it is inefficient in winter. The truth is, solar is more efficient during the cooler months. In the summer, the intense heat of the sun’s rays can cause the efficiency of solar panels to drop slightly. Because of cooler temperatures, this isn’t a problem in the winter months, so your customer’s solar panels will operate at peak efficiency all winter long.

#5: New Year = Fewer Federal Tax Incentives

Every time the calendar flips from December to January, the federal solar tax incentives changes and usually not for the better. For example, in 2022, homeowners can claim a 26% tax credit for systems installed between 2020 and 2022, but if your prospect waits until 2023 to schedule their installation, their tax credit will drop to 22%. And, unless Congress takes action to extend the tax credit before December of 2023, that will be the last year such a benefit will be available.

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