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December 12, 2019 | By RGR Marketing Blog

The Truth About Solar and Your Clients’ Appliances

Buy Solar LeadsOne of the most challenging aspects of selling solar panels to skeptical potential customers is combatting their notions about how much power they really need to keep their homes running smoothly. The idea is that a contemporary household with multiple computers, charging stations for mobile devices, televisions, gaming consoles, and kitchen and other appliances uses a considerable amount of power. This is considered to be the case, even with today’s energy-efficient appliances. Some naysayers offer that solar power could never hope to power all of these appliances. Is that true?

Absolutely not! Contemporary solar generates more than enough energy to power even the most energy consumptive modern homes (even “smart” homes loaded with automation). In this post, we’ll take a look at how much power contemporary appliances use and provide you and your sales staff with the information they need to combat the outdated notion that the grid is the only complete power source for a home built around a modern lifestyle.

How Much Power Your Clients Really Need to Run Their Appliances

The first thing you have to do is to help your prospects wrap their minds around when it comes to solar’s ability to power their appliances is how much power those appliances actually use. For starters, you can try to talk them into purchasing a home energy monitor or other measuring device to track their actual usage.

This may be the best solution for those in rural locations looking to rely solely on solar power. Or you can get them to check all the manuals that came with the appliances and devices. Both of these are solutions, but ones that any experienced solar salesperson can tell you are non-starters for most potential customers.

As an alternative, consider providing them with a chart that breaks down the average use of most common appliances and devices in terms of watt-hours of consumption, like the one provided by wholesale solar. Usage can differ dramatically among brands and models of appliances, but a quick rundown of how little power their appliances actually use can help most customers on the fence come over to clean, renewable energy.

Another potential resource includes facts like how many solar panels it takes to power a refrigerator, television, or washing machine. Helping your clients think about the power that the appliances use in easily understood visual terms can be a powerful tool for your sales and marketing teams.

No Home Is Exactly Like Any Other When It Comes to Power Needs

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to getting your clients to understand that solar can easily handle their power needs is that no home is exactly like any other when it comes to its power needs. This hurdle will be harder to clear for some clients than it will be for others. But, it’s wise to keep in mind your client’s pain points.

If power usage is really their primary concern when it comes to relying on renewable energy, then they likely are pretty aware of how much energy their household is burning through. They may also be feeling some pain around what they are paying for it.

If you can circle back to the fact that solar is not only renewable, but also basically cost free – or at least a hedge against ever-rising energy costs – then their concerns about usage can work toward closing the deal. If you’re struggling to find potential customers who are far enough along the sales path for you to even begin to discuss usage and how solar can help ease their utility bill pain, consider purchasing high quality solar leads from a reputable lead broker.

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