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What's Your Solar Installation Business Doing for Marketing?

Demand for solar energy is on the rise. Due to increasing concerns over global warming and a desire to reduce energy costs and personal carbon emissions, an ever-increasing number of consumers are weighing solar power as a serious option.

Solar power has plenty to recommend it; it’s a clean, renewable source of energy, and technological advances have brought home solar systems well within financial reach of the average energy consumer.

That said, the statistics about interest in solar energy might seem quite dubious to struggling solar installation businesses. Getting new leads is often a difficult task, and closing them, even more so. The problem of moving units in the solar business is further compounded by the fact that competition is becoming quite fierce. Eager to capitalize on this hot new market, new solar companies are hanging out their photovoltaic shingles on a daily basis.

So How Can You Land Customers if You’re a New Solar Installer?

Many solar providers find themselves wondering, “Where are all the customers?” or “Why won’t my leads commit?” It’s not that people aren’t interested in solar, nor is there any argument against solar power’s legitimacy as an excellent alternative energy source.

We’re not here to point fingers, but a key issue keeping solar from being more widely adopted is that many solar energy providers simply aren’t very effective at selling it.

Here are 10 strategies designed to help your solar business market its offerings more effectively.

1. Show Them the Money

Did you know that solar inquiries peak right around the time monthly utility bills come due? Everyone loves to save money, so devising a compelling way to clearly illustrate the overall savings offered by going solar can really improve a solar installer’s conversion rates, as can scheduling online, print, radio, and television marketing efforts to coincide with local utility due dates.

2. Sell the Environmental Benefits of Solar

Consumers choose solar for different reasons. For some, the motivation is environmental. They’re concerned about the world they’re creating for future generations, and want to do their part to preserve it.

To sell to these folks, you’ll need to have solid answers to their questions about the real environmental benefits of going solar, and about the environmental impact of the production of solar products, too.

3. Make Solar Cool

Some solar adopters go solar because they want to keep up appearances. If everyone else in the neighborhood is installing solar and they aren’t, they might feel like they’re behind the times. Think of it as ecological street cred. Say what you will, but it can be a very effective motivator.

You can motivate these prospects by turning up the peer pressure. Put up signs advertising new solar installations. Your clients will be proud to display them, and the neighbors just might go green out of envy.

4. Not Selling Solar? Ask More Questions

When it comes to selling solar, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t going to yield optimal results. In order to sell anything effectively, you have to know what motivates your clients. And to do that, you’ll need to ask questions.

5. Know Your Solar Products

There’s still a lot of confusion out there about how solar power works, its ecological benefits, and its overall costs. Your clients will come to you looking for answers, so you had better be prepared. Know your products and services inside and out.

6. Offer Referral Credits for Solar Installs

You know that money is a primary motivating factor for many of your clients. You also know that word-of-mouth advertising is just about as good as it gets, in terms of credibility. Chances are good that your clients will want to tell their friends about their new solar systems, but why not give them an incentive to tell them where they got them?

7. Be a Thought Leader in the Solar Space

Your prospects are out there, actively seeking information about the very products you offer. You can give them the information they’re seeking and bolster your credibility by starting a solar blog, or creating a robust social media presence. By the time they get to you, you’ll already have answered most of their questions, and there will be no doubt about your expertise.

8. Team Up With Related Businesses

People interested in solar power tend to have other things in common, as well. They often buy organic produce, and are more likely to have their homes energy audited. They tend to spend more time in the great outdoors, and are often politically liberal. Use this knowledge to your advantage by creating strategic relationships with other businesses that your prospects are likely to support. It’s a win-win.

9. Set Your Solar Energy Products Apart

There are a lot of different types of solar energy products out there, and they’re not all created equal. What’s different about your offerings? Why are they better than the competition’s? When talking to clients, sell your product’s unique value propositions, and you’re sure to stand out.

10. Purchase Solar Leads

Purchasing solar leads can be a very effective supplement to your existing sales funnel. Always buy leads from a credible provider like RGR Marketing, and keep track of your ROI to make sure you’re spending your marketing dollars wisely.

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