September 28, 2017 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Cold Weather Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Solar Sales

As a solar panel distributor who relies on regular sales, you need to be able to sell your solar panels all year-round. But in the winter months, when the sun is farther away and the days are shorter, that can be a challenge for many solar panel companies.

The truth is, you simply can’t afford to have every potential solar sale say: “Come back and see me in the summer.” Fortunately for your solar installation business’s sake, you shouldn’t have to. Here are some good ways to market solar panels in winter months, when energy bills may still be high and the skies clear enough to produce power.

Explain the Facts About Solar First

Your potential customers may offer resistance based on what seems obvious: If the sun is farther away, solar panels will be less effective. But it’s important to clarify a few facts about solar energy for your potential customers, for example:

Fact: Cold weather does not affect the function of solar panels.

Solar panels work by converting light, not heat, which is still in abundant supply in the winter. As it happens, it is better for a solar panel’s functionality when it is cold rather than very hot.

Fact: Solar panels can still work in cloudy weather.

Your solar panels can produce electricity as long as some light is getting through the clouds. If your solar panels are designed to capture light from all directions, allowing them to get more of the available light energy, you should emphasize this in your marketing information.

Fact: Snow will probably not affect your solar panels.

Most snow will simply slide off of solar panels, so customers don’t need to be concerned about snow blocking their panels and reducing their efficacy. Very heavy snow can be a problem, as it can block or put undue pressure on solar panels, but it’s a good idea to get a professional to clear heavy snow off your roof anyway.

Pitch the System to the Solar Prospect

Another concern that many potential clients have is that since it gets darker earlier in the winter, they won’t get much use out of their solar panels. This is a great opportunity to pitch your entire system, where solar energy that you do not use right away gets stored for later use, such as when it gets dark.

Offer Discounts on Solar Energy

Since demand is lower in the winter, you may wish to offer service discounts for customers who sign up in the colder months of the year. You can even offer further discounts for customers who bring in other customers during the winter months. If you have a social media presence (and you should), the winter is a great time to promote your discounted services across your social media pages.

Remind Potential Customers About Energy Savings With Solar

Energy bills tend to be higher in the cold winter months due to increased and ongoing heating costs. This is a perfect opportunity to remind possible customers about the potential energy savings you can receive from installing and using solar power.

If you’re in the business of selling solar, the winter is not a time to take a vacation. In fact, you will be most successful if you double your marketing efforts during the winter.

You may find that many people who are not even considering converting to solar in the winter will be your best customers. There’s really no reason not to install solar panels in the winter, and if you can effectively communicate that to your audience, it should result in a marked increase in sales and high quality solar leads you can actually use.

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