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January 3, 2019 | By RGR Marketing Blog

A New Year in 2019: Time for a New Plan for Your Solar Installation Business

At the start of every new year, companies across the world review the past year and make necessary adjustments where and when they are called for to help improve performance, conversions, and success. Because the solar industry is constantly in a state of change, it is even more important for solar installation companies to adjust their strategies in order to maximize their sales performance.

One component of your plan for success should concentrate on the quality of your solar leads. For instance, did last year’s leads truly pay off? Did your lead provider consistently deliver validated, high-quality solar leads? Did your leads cost you more than they were worth?

Your success in 2019 begins with a solid marketing and lead-buying plan. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your solar leads in the new year.

Make Mainstream Market Leads a Priority

The solar industry is old enough now that it has outgrown its early market, which consisted primarily of tech enthusiasts and eco-conscious visionaries. This means the bulk of its business is now coming from the mainstream market. These are consumers who aren’t as interested in solar because of its cool factor, or because of its low impact on the environment, but instead, they want the financial benefits of solar technology.

While there are still consumers who fit under the “early market” umbrella out there, they don’t necessarily reflect the future target of the solar industry. The future needs to be focused on the mainstream market, so the types of leads you need to purchase now will be quite different from the ones you purchased in the early days of solar.

Focus on the Financial Aspects of Going Solar

Most consumers interested in solar today tend to want to know one thing over anything else – how much will solar power save them on their energy bills. They want to ensure that changing to solar will be a good financial decision. In fact, most won’t even talk to a solar installer unless they can first understand how much it will benefit their household economics.

Create a Balanced Solar Lead Plan

A good lead plan should include a balance of organically generated leads and purchased solar leads. Collecting organic leads can be accomplished through three primary ways – customer referrals, a good company website, and partnerships/events. These three methods will combine to help strengthen the trust that consumers will feel when they think about your company and its services.

When purchasing solar leads, make sure the provider you choose has plenty of experience dealing with leads in the solar industry. You will also want the leads to be easy to integrate into your lead management system. Every lead you purchase should be sourced, scrubbed, and validated, so you can be confident that every lead is a homeowner who is ready to go solar and actively looking for a reputable installer.

Get the Leads You Need From RGR Marketing and Enjoy a Successful 2019

RGR Marketing is one of the leading providers for companies interesting in buying high-quality, validated solar leads. With over 20 years of experience connecting solar businesses with ready-to-buy prospects, our experience is your advantage. We can help you make the most out of every single lead. Give us a try today and see how quality leads can help improve your sales conversions in the upcoming year.

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