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Finding High Quality Window Replacement Leads and Clients

Buy Window Replacement LeadsA home’s windows serve multiple purposes. They not only allow the natural beauty and light of the outside in, but they also help keep a home’s interior comfortable year-round.

But eventually, windows reach their limits as to how well they can perform and when this happens, they should be replaced to restore the home’s beauty and insulative properties. If you have clients who are unsure if they really need new windows, then here are six signs to share with them that will tell them it might be time for their windows to be replaced.

#1: The Windows Have Physical Damage

If a window is cracked or broken in any other way, then it should be replaced as soon as possible. Cracks in the glass will worsen as the seasons and temperatures change, and should the cracks get too bad, it could cause the glass to shatter.

Windows with physical damage leave the interior of the home open to further, more serious types of damage, including water damage, electrical problems, mold and mildew growth, and pest infestations.

#2: The Windows Are Drafty

Drafty windows can cause a world of problems for a homeowner. For starters, the windows are allowing hot and humid outside air into the home during the summer, forcing the air conditioner to run more frequently. In the winter, the reverse happens, and the heater must run longer to counter the cold air entering the home. Another problem with drafty windows is that if air can get inside, then water usually can too.

#3: The Windows Have Condensation Between the Panes

Double or triple-pane windows feature inert gas between the panes that help maximize their insulative properties. But when the seal on the panes weakens, the gas escapes and the window loses its ability to insulate the home as effectively. A clear sign that this has occurred is condensation building up between the panes. The only option to restore the window’s insulative benefits is to replace the window with a new one.

#4: Condensation Forms on the Inside of the Window

On the other hand, if condensation accumulates on the inside of the window (not between the panes), then this is a sign that the window is leaking air. Condensation on the outside of the window is not a problem, only when it is on the inside.

#5: The Windows No Longer Dampen Exterior Sounds

Well insulated windows not only keep a home more comfortable, but they also help keep outdoor sounds from intruding inside as well. So, if a prospect is complaining that their windows aren’t dampening exterior noises as well as they used to, then replacing their windows with newer double- or triple-pane windows will provide them with the extra insulation they need to keep the outside sounds out.

#6: The Carpet or Furniture Near the Window Is Faded

If the carpet or furniture near the window has become faded, this means that the window doesn’t have an UV protection built in. This means that the window is old and should be replaced with modern windows equipped with low-emissivity (low-E) glass. This type of glass will not only protect the prospect’s carpet and furniture, but it will also help keep the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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