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June 20, 2019 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Leveraging the Benefits of Solar to Drive Sales

Buy Solar LeadsWe are living in good times for solar installers, especially because solar is considerably less expensive than it has ever been before. More people than ever are taking the plunge and converting to solar power. Further, public awareness surrounding climate change and the inherent environmental costs of conventionally generated power are driving more and more people to learn about solar and consider going solar.

The ongoing solar boom has been wonderful for the industry as a whole, but not all solar installers have benefited equally from this boom. The solar installers that understand the benefits of going solar and leverage those benefits in their marketing efforts and sales materials are gaining market share over their counterparts who do not. In this post, we’ll go over the top ten benefits of switching to solar power and talk a bit about how to leverage those benefits in your marketing campaigns.

The Top Ten Benefits of Switching to Solar Power

The list that we’re about to go over may seem obvious to the point of being unnecessary. After all, the benefits of going solar are pretty straightforward. But it bears going over these benefits, because not all consumers are approaching the decision from the same place.

Therefore, considering and employing all of the benefits in your marketing makes a prospect slipping through your fingers less likely.

  1. Solar Power Saves You Money on Your Power Bill
  2. Solar Power Lets You Start Saving Immediately
  3. Solar Power is Now Convenient and Easy to Set Up
  4. Solar Power Pays for Itself Over Time
  5. Solar Power Can Make You Energy Independent
  6. Solar Power is Better – Much Better – For the Environment
  7. Solar Power Systems Last and Perform for a Long Time
  8. Solar Power Protects Against Rising Energy Costs
  9. Solar Power Has Never Been Less Expensive
  10. Solar Power Adds Value to Your Home

How to Leverage the Benefits of Solar in Your Marketing

Today’s consumers are more advertising- and marketing-avoidant than any prior generation. This is understandable, as people are almost continually bombarded with messaging that is trying to influence their every decision. Because of this, people are also more in tune to when they are being pitched something than in previous times. They are also more challenging to reach, thanks to omni-channel and ad avoidant behavior.

These days, what cuts through all of the noise and actually reaches consumers is authenticity.

The good news is that we have many terrific benefits at our disposal – benefits that are completely authentic in nature. The trick is tailoring your messaging so that the right incentives to go solar (savings or energy independence, going green or stable long-term energy) are pitched to the correct audiences.

Tailoring your messaging to the audience you are attempting to reach, no matter the marketing vehicle (advertising, social media, content) is key to engaging the consumer where they live.

Using the Benefits of Going Solar to Sell Solar

The consumer is out there. They are interested in solar for a variety of reasons. Some or all of the top ten benefits of going solar will appeal to nearly every homeowner in the US.

You just need to tailor your messaging so that you are leveraging the correct incentives with the correct audience.

A shotgun approach that attempts to utilize all benefits in all markets will yield some results, but will also come off as inauthentic to many potential solar prospects. The right benefit for the right audience is always the best way to go.

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