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July 23, 2020 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Managing Leads Remotely During a Pandemic

Buy Solar LeadsWe have found ourselves living through an interesting time, to say the least. Much of life as we once knew just a few months ago it is in a state of flux, or feels completely and indefinitely suspended. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies to come up with creative ways to carry on their business without endangering their employees or customers.

Working from home presents a set of challenges to any professional who may be accustomed to working out of an office, especially those who have come to rely on working with a team. Working from home requires a unique set of skills for salespeople. Staying focused and motivated while managing leads from home may be challenging, but it is not impossible.

You can manage and convert your leads remotely if you employ the right tools to stay motivated and focused while relying on your resources and leveraging the current situation to your advantage. Read on to learn more about how to do just that.

Stay Focused and On Task

Working from home can mean dealing with a wide range of distractions. Even for those of us who live alone and don’t have to deal with keeping the kids occupied or serving as their teacher, working from home can make it difficult to stay on task.

Experts recommend employing a variety of strategies to stay focused on the task at hand, including organizing your time, taking frequent scheduled breaks, staying off social media, and having a dedicated workspace. You may also want to consider dressing as if you were going in to work, even though you could technically remain in your pajamas while working from home.

Generate a Feeling of Competition and Collaboration During Covid-19

One of the hardest things for salespeople who suddenly find themselves working from home is a feeling of disconnection. If you’re used to working with a team and competing against your fellow salespeople to generate enthusiasm for closing deals or converting leads, you’ll need to find a way to generate those same feelings of collaboration and competition remotely.

Stay in touch via various online platforms including video conferencing and social media, and build energy with your team – especially with your friendly competition.

Covid-19 Means, You Have to Rely on Technology

Staying in touch and communicating effectively with prospects and collaborators is especially challenging without face-to-face interaction. Thankfully, many parts of the tech sector have been working on tools to help remote workers stay in touch and manage their jobs. If you’re a sales professional, you’ve likely been utilizing some or all of these tools to manage your leads and your relationships. Now is the time to fully rely on them.

Leverage the Current Situation to Drive Conversion

If you’re lucky enough to be selling a product or service that the current unfolding situation demands more of, then you are in a good position. Don’t be afraid to leverage what is happening to convert leads; just remember to do so from a place of customer-focused authenticity.

There are many products and services – solar energy among them – that may not seem directly related to the current situation, but could benefit from the right tie-in. Economic instability means energy insecurity for many people. The prospect of energy security that solar power provides could be quite welcome by otherwise-wary consumers at a time like this.

Execute a Winning Sales Strategy From Home – in Solar and Beyond

Certainly, our collective future, at least the immediate one, may be unclear. After all, the duration of the pandemic and the economic effects of quarantine orders are still unknown. Business may never go back to being exactly “usual,” again. However, that may not be the worst thing that could happen to salespeople.

Embracing the present, with its challenges and opportunities, could lead to a better way of doing business in sales – whether you’re in the world of solar power, mortgage, or any other professional field.

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