November 1, 2023 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Are You Prepared to Answer Your Solar Prospects' Doubts?

Buy Solar LeadsWith the Federal Solar Tax Credit stable at 30% until the year 2032, homeowners thinking about going solar can take advantage of incredible savings for some time. But while this might give the impression that there’s no rush to go solar, the truth is that the sooner a solar prospect goes solar, the sooner they will be able to slash their energy bills.

Despite this, there remain a lot of high quality prospects who are finding it hard to take the leap into solar. Why are these prospects having such difficulty making their decisions?

In most cases, these prospects tend to have a few basic objections that you will need to overcome if you want to improve your sales. Here are the four most common objections solar salespeople face and what to do about them.

#1: Regular Electricity Is Fine Enough

Change isn’t easy for most people. Some homeowners may be interested in solar, but when it comes time to actually change from their utility provider to solar, they can hesitate to make the change. After all, they’ve lived with traditional electricity their whole lives, so they are comfortable with it. This can make it tough for them to justify spending the money to have solar installed.

This objection is probably the most challenging for a solar salesperson, but it’s one that can be overcome with the right prospect. This is where your ability to educate the prospect will take on greater importance. You will need to present your pitch in such a way that the prospect can grasp how solar will benefit their lives over their usual electric provider.

For instance, solar not only reduces energy bills, it is also more reliable, which provides the homeowner with a sense of energy independence. This objection can also be indicative of the prospect’s stage in the buying process. It is important to remember that when a prospect says “not now,” they’re not saying “never.”

#2: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive

Having solar panels installed on a home is an investment, and despite all the tax credits and manufacturer’s discounts a customer might be entitled to, it can still be an expensive one. As a result, solar’s cost is another common, if not THE MOST common objection that salespeople face.

To overcome this objection, you will need to drive home solar’s value proposition. You should let the prospect know that by delaying their solar installation, they are losing out on substantial energy savings. It will also help to show how their solar panels will pay for themselves in as little as 7 to 9 years, after which, all the electricity they produce will essentially be free.

#3: Solar Equipment Is Too Expensive to Maintain or Replace

Anything your prospect comes with a cost of ownership and maintenance, including solar. But what makes solar different is that it has very few moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. Solar produces electricity via photovoltaics, not through mechanical means, so this means that the system can operate fine for years and years with little to no maintenance.

In terms of replacing solar panels, most panels come with strong manufacturer warranties of 25 years or longer. The only time a homeowner may need to pay for a replacement would be if a panel was damaged by external forces, such as a tree limb falling and hitting it.

#4: Solar Panels Will Hurt the Home’s Curb Appeal

Another common reason why some prospects might be hesitant to install solar panels is because they believe the rooftop panels will detract from the overall appearance of their homes. But while this might have been the case with the original solar installations, today’s solar panels come in a variety of shapes and styles that your prospects may not even be aware of.

When your prospect has this objection, show examples of homes with rooftop solar panels that look aesthetically pleasing and assure the homeowner that the panels can be customized to match their roof's unique color and design. You can also add that by having solar panels installed, their home’s market value will increase by as much as ten percent.

Work With Higher Quality Solar Leads and Make More Sales

Some solar leads are just more likely to convert than others. To help improve your sales numbers, you will want to work with solar leads that give you the best sales opportunities. After all, why spend so much time and resources trying to convince low quality leads when you can get right to selling to those who are already very close to making their buying decision?

At RGR Marketing, we provide you with exclusive access to high quality solar leads that meet your target demographics. Our leads have shown recent increased interest in going solar, so they are already primed to purchase. Your sales pros just need to get them over the last hurdle.

Partnering with RGR Marketing can help you maximize your purchased lead ROI. Our leads are verified and scrubbed before you receive them, so you can nurture your new leads without worrying about wasting time and resources dealing with dead, duplicate, or incomplete contact information. Take the next step in improving your solar sales numbers – make RGR Marketing your purchased lead provider today!

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