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Most roofs last on average between 20 and 25 years, depending on the quality of construction and the materials used. Missing shingles or tiles, heavy growth of mold or moss, shingles with curled edges, leaking substrates, and weather damage can all reduce a roof’s quality and provide the motivation to seek roof replacement services.

Because having a home’s roof replaced can increase the value of the house on average by nearly 70% of the project costs, contracting the work is a no-brainer for many homeowners. Either the need is high (leaking roof), or the timing is creating pressure (demand of home buyer to complete home sale)—but whatever the reason, these prospects are the ones your roof construction company needs to find.

At RGR, we can help you close in on home remodeling and renovation prospects who need quality roofing services today. These prospects are actively involved in the process of tracking down a roofing contractor, so let RGR connect them with your business today.

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Experience meets integrity

With over 20 years’ experience generating online leads and extensive experience in the mortgage space, we understand your business and we know how to help you succeed.

  • Fresh, qualified mortgage leads delivered in real time
  • Proprietary lead-based matching technology
  • Top-tier customer service, plus help improving your sales processes
  • Built-in market reach via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and our email partners
  • Seamless integration with all lead management systems (LMS)

What makes RGR different?

Unlike our competitors, we do more than just sell you high quality leads—we’re here to help you succeed and get better results from the leads you buy. To do that, we help you hone your sales process, train your team, and improve your organization. We can make sure your salespeople are actually making contact with each lead, asking the right questions, and delivering the right information to make the case. If there are members of your team who aren’t following protocol, we’ll help you identify them and correct their performance.

We see ourselves as not just a vendor for leads, but a strategic partner in your growth. Like any good partner, we believe in transparency, honesty, and trust. Some of our customers have been with us since 2004—proof that we deliver value consistently. We’re responsive, insightful, and ready to help you succeed.

Sample Roofing Lead

Every lead we deliver has been sourced, scrubbed, and validated. We’ll connect you with homeowners who are in the market to repair and or replace their roof. Here’s what a lead looks like:

What is your zip code?
Which of these best describes your roofing project?
What type of roofing material are you looking for?
How soon do you want to begin this project?
Within 6 months
1234 Larkspur Lane
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Email Address

What our Clients Are Saying

Don't take our word for it—hear what these clients have to say.

“RGR has been a strategic partner since I started at Paramount Equity. Their team are industry veterans with a wealth of experience in generating some of the highest quality mortgage leads in the space. RGR became Paramount’s agency of record because of their professionalism, client support and their determination to hit our ROI objectives."

Matt M., Paramount Equity

“Although RGR is a newer partner of ours it was clear from the get go that they truly care about the success of their clients. We have also worked closely as a team to optimize campaigns to insure our ROI objectives are hit on a regular basis. Overall RGR is a great company and valued partner to work with.”

Marc Melvin, Cardinal Financial

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