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May 23, 2017 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Proven Methods to Fill Your Funnel With Quality Solar Leads

Keeping the funnel full for your solar sales team can be a full time job. And, even under the best of circumstances, finding and vetting quality solar leads can be challenging work. Here are seven tips on how to generate more and better solar leads in your area.

1 – Paid Search

Paid search is the single best way to ensure that when potential solar customers in your area use search engines to look for local solar installers (and this is the primary way that the overwhelming majority begin their purchasing journey), your name comes up at or near the top of the list. Paid search is reasonably priced and a great way to put yourself at the top of the list.

2 – Solar Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

Start a monthly electronic newsletter, company blog, or other recurring content marketing venture that establishes your company as the thought leader in solar in your area. Use your social media presence and email lists to broadcast your content, and include calls to action that link back to your site and get consumers clicking around so you can capture their information.

3 – Working Your Base

You have satisfied customers; it’s hard to stay in business if you don’t. More importantly, they have like-minded friends, family, and coworkers who trust their recommendations. Reach out to your base of satisfied solar customers and solicit referrals directly from them.

4 – Offer a Class in Solar Tax Credits and Incentives

Making yourself a resource in your community, partnering with a local weatherization or energy conservation organization, and offering the occasional free class in solar power generation, tax credits, and incentives, will often bring somewhat pre-qualified solar leads to you.

5 – Offer Free Solar Quotes Over the Internet

Now that solar has moved into the mass-market phase of its roll out, solar installers have to attract business from a more conservative (and larger) base of consumers. Research has shown that these consumers greatly prefer to receive a general solar quote prior to being contacted directly over the phone or in person. Set up a quote function on your website that collects lead data at the same time.

6 – Partner With a Roofing Contractor

Many homeowners who have previously considered installing solar panels put the final decision off until the next time their roof needed replacing. Get back in front of these customers at the right time and help them maximize the longevity of the roof and solar panels.

7 – Work With a Professional Solar Lead Generation Service

Lastly, no matter how great you are at inbound marketing, you may need a little help from time to time. That’s when working with a professional, well-regarded lead generation service is not only appropriate; it’s highly advisable. Ready to give buying solar leads a try? Get in touch with RGR Marketing today, and we’ll help you buy the highest quality solar leads available.

Bringing It All Together: Making Solar Leads Work for You

The funnel will never overflow and if you’re actively moving solar leads through the qualifying pipeline, there will always be a need for inbound leads. Try one, some, or all of these ideas today and get those inbound solar leads flowing in.

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