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July 15, 2020 | By RGR Marketing Blog

The Amount of Sunshine Is Important, But Even More So Is the Intensity

Buy Solar LeadsA solar system’s efficiency and output are governed by two things – the amount of sunlight the panels absorb, and the intensity of those rays. For these reasons, summer is the time of year when solar systems tend to work at their peak performance.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about solar output and why every solar customer looks forward to the summer months. More importantly, you’ll learn what you can do about these facts to improve your solar sales during the summer months.

What Is Solar Output?

Every solar panel comes with a number that indicates the panel’s wattage, capacity, and output. Most panels that are produced today range anywhere from 250 watts to 400 watts. The number that is listed is the panel’s output based on standard test conditions. Also listed are the panel’s minimum and maximum outputs.

With this in mind, the true output for each panel can vary widely because so many variables can have an impact on output. For instance, things like shade, panel orientation, and total number of sun hours during the day will each affect the overall efficiency of a solar panel.

Solar panels operate at their highest efficiency during peak sun hours, which are a measurement of the sun’s intensity over an average day. In other words, this is the time of day when the sun’s rays are at their most intense. Despite the sun being up in the sky from dawn to dusk, it is only for an hour around midday that the intensity is at its highest. This is why it feels much hotter outside during the midday hours than it does closer to dawn or dusk.

How to Calculate Solar Output

Although it can be difficult to accurately gauge solar output without using monitoring equipment, you can give your prospect a better idea of what to expect from their system. For example, if the lead’s home is equipped with 400-watt solar panels and the home receives five hours of direct sunlight per day, then here’s an easy way to calculate their solar output:

5 hours x 400 watts = 2,000 watts-hours, or 2 kilowatt-hours (kwh).

This is the output per panel, so then you would just multiply the watt-hours by the number of identical panels. To determine the energy output per year, just multiply the total watt-hours by 365.

With Solar Power and Sunshine, Location Matters

Although solar delivers exceptional performance and savings anywhere it’s installed, some parts of the country are just better suited for solar than others simply because of the amount and intensity of sunshine they receive.

For instance, if you install a 5kW system in Pittsburgh and an identical system in Los Angeles, the one in Pittsburgh may produce 6,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity every year, whereas the same system in Los Angeles may produce 8,000 kWh every year. The higher output in Los Angeles is due simply to the fact that the city gets more sun throughout the year.

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