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November 17, 2022 | By RGR Marketing Blog

Will Your Clients' Solar Panels Improve Their Home's Value?

Buy Solar LeadsHomeowners choose to have solar panels installed on their homes for a variety of different reasons. But if we’re being completely honest, lower energy bills tends to be the most common. That said, a solar installer should never rely on touching on just that one benefit when making their sales pitch.

For instance, one of the other powerful benefits of solar is its ability to not only help homes sell faster, but also for considerably more money than like models that are not equipped with solar panels. Being able to convey this information well strengthens solar’s value proposition and this will make it easier to close more sales.

How Much More Money Do Solar Homes Sell For?

According to a study conducted by Zillow, homes with solar panels sell for an average of 4.1% more than non-solar models of like size. But this number can vary wildly depending on where the home is located. In New Jersey, for example, solar homes sell for nearly 10% more than non-solar homes. In New York City, a solar home’s market value is just over 5% higher than non-solar homes in the same neighborhood.

Meanwhile, according to data compiled by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a home’s resale value increases by approximately $5,911 for each kilowatt of solar power that’s installed, so your clients can expect the following:

  • 4 kW system increases a home’s value by about $23,644
  • 6 kW system increases a home’s value by about $35,466
  • 8 kW system increases a home’s value by about $47,288
  • 10 kW system increases a home’s value by about $59,110

How Much Faster Do Solar Homes Sell?

While there haven’t been a lot of studies conducted to find out how much faster solar homes sell for, those that have been done have mostly been in California and have shown that houses with solar panels sell approximately 20% faster than non-solar homes. Modern, energy-minded home buyers consider solar a primary selling feature, so these houses tend to be scooped up considerably faster.

What Factors Affect Solar Home Values?

It’s important to note that there are certain factors that can affect a solar home’s market value as well as its ability to sell quickly. One of the biggest is whether the solar panels are purchased or leased. Simply put, home value and speed of sale are only increased when the solar panels are purchased. Leased solar can actually be detriment to a home’s ability to sell.

Location is another factor that can impact a solar home’s value. Not only does the regional climate affect solar’s popularity, but the local electricity rates and whether they are high or low can also matter.

Another common factor is the local cost of solar installations. For home buyers interested in solar, it may be more affordable to buy a home with solar already installed than to buy a non-solar home and then have a new system installed.

Lastly, the age of the solar system also matters in a home’s market value. Obviously, if the system is nearing its end of life, its impact on the home’s value won’t be as high as a newer system.

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