April 23, 2019 | By RGR Marketing Blog

California’s Solar Output Numbers Are Hotter Than the Sun

Buy Solar LeadsIn mid-March of 2019, California’s utility scale solar output reached 1,075 MW. This was its highest output since June of the previous summer (10,740 MW) and an all-time high for the state. Perhaps even more importantly, summer hasn’t even begun yet.

Interestingly, these numbers only register utility scale solar that is connected to the transmission grid. They do not include data from rooftop and smaller solar systems that are connected to the grid. If these sources were to be included, then the actual solar output would be closer to 16,000 MW. These numbers also don’t reflect the entire state; both Los Angeles and Sacramento are not connected to the CAISO grid.

Solar Is Definitely In-Demand in California

California is the country’s leading deployer of solar energy, and with its abundant sunshine, it should be no surprise that the state is breaking records. In 2018, California deployed three times as much solar energy as any other state, making it able to meet 14% of its annual electricity demand through its solar output. On the day in March where the solar output broke the record, utility scale solar was meeting 59% of CAISO’s total demand.

How Solar Is Changing California’s Economy for the Better

Prior to the start of 2019, CAISO struggled when it came to maximizing flexibility in dealing with renewables. It was discovered that the issue stemmed from CAISO having inflexible contracts with investor-owned utility companies and out-of-state generators. Whereas the state previously had to import power from these sources, today the state no longer depends on imports during peak hours, instead relying on its in-state renewables. This is much more cost-effective for the state.

Additionally, solar improves California’s economy at the consumer level. California homeowners with solar panel systems save money on utilities, enjoy higher property values, receive tax incentives, and can even earn income in areas where net metering is allowed. All of this means that solar homeowners have more disposable income that they can inject back into the state’s economy.

Even though California lost nearly 10,000 solar jobs in 2018 due to the uncertainty about the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported solar panels and state policy changes, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects jobs in solar to be among the fastest growing roles over the next decade.

Plus, California’s solar industry still employs more people than all the traditional fossil fuel-oriented utilities in the state combined. Solar is creating more jobs per unit of energy generated than any other conventional resource, and all these jobs are community-based and cannot be outsourced.

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