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When most people run into tax trouble with the IRS or state tax boards, they aren’t prepared to deal with the problem alone. They need assistance from a tax settlement specialist who knows how to achieve the best outcome. In short, they need your help.

But how can you find these people? Tax troubles can hit anyone, rich or poor, in any neighborhood. That makes it a hard market to target. With traditional marketing efforts, you have to cast a wide net, an inefficient and therefor expensive way to find potential customers.

We can help you zero in on prospects with a proven need for your services, people who are already actively looking for tax settlement services. These people are under pressure to resolve their claim in the most advantageous way before they accrue further fines. They’re going to hire someone—with our leads, you can make sure they choose your company.

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Experience meets integrity

With over 20 years’ experience generating online leads and extensive experience in the tax settlement space, we understand your business and we know how to help you succeed.

  • Fresh, qualified tax settlement leads delivered in real time
  • Proprietary lead-based matching technology
  • Top-tier customer service, plus help improving your sales processes
  • Built-in market reach via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and our email partners
  • Seamless integration with all lead management systems (LMS)

What makes RGR different?

Unlike our competitors, we do more than just sell you high quality leads—we’re here to help you succeed and get better results from the leads you buy. To do that, we help you hone your sales process, train your team, and improve your organization. We can make sure your salespeople are actually making contact with each lead, asking the right questions, and delivering the right information to make the case. If there are members of your team who aren’t following protocol, we’ll help you identify them and correct their performance.

We see ourselves as not just a vendor for leads, but a strategic partner in your growth. Like any good partner, we believe in transparency, honesty, and trust. Some of our customers have been with us since 2004—proof that we deliver value consistently. We’re responsive, insightful, and ready to help you succeed.

Sample Tax Settlement Lead

Every tax settlement lead we deliver has been sourced, scrubbed, and validated.
We’ll connect you with individuals who have already expressed a need for tax settlement. Here’s what a lead looks like:

First Name
Last Name
Street Address
1234 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles
Work Phone
Home Phone
Tax Debt Amount

What our Clients Are Saying

Don't take our word for it—hear what these tax settlement clients have to say.

“RGR Marketing has supplied me with a steady stream of quality tax settlement leads since inception. As a result, our business has grown substantially and my consultants are extremely happy.”

Brian B., Sales Director, Southern California

"RGR Marketing has been a long term lead partner of ours. Consistency, quality and service has made them one of our top lead sources.” Justin U., Managing Director Southern California."

Justin U., Managing Director Southern California

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