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February 26, 2015 | By RGR Marketing Blog

From Boston & Beyond: MASS Is Going Solar

No matter where you live, solar power is an attractive option. What could be better than harnessing the clean, abundant energy of the sun and cutting your reliance on fossil fuels?

Of course, solar is an even sweeter deal when you live in a place where lawmakers are proactively pushing solar adoption. Massachusetts is just such a place. If your clients are wondering about solar power’s value proposition in the Bay State, you’ll have plenty of good news for them. Check out our roundup of solar incentives for Massachusetts residents now.

The Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program

In 2007, forward-thinking Governor Deval Patrick set an ambitious,10-year goal of having 250 MW of solar power installed in the state of Massachusetts by 2017. In order to encourage businesses and private citizens to go solar, the Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program was established, and the goal was reached a full four years ahead of schedule. Not content to rest on his laurels, Governor Patrick set a 2020 goal of 1,600 MW, and the Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program was born.

The Commonwealth Solar II Rebate Program provides solar adopters with a base rebate of $400/kW, but if certain criteria are met, such as using Massachusetts-made components or being below certain income thresholds, then the rebate can grow up to $1850/kW.

Solar Renewable Energy Credits for Massachusetts

Due to the state’s renewable portfolio standard, energy providers have to source a certain amount of their power production from solar. If they don’t, they must pay solar alternative compliance payments, or as an alternative, they can purchase solar renewable energy credits from consumers. On average, consumers can earn one SREC per kW of solar power installed, and while the value of these credits fluctuates, they’ve historically been worth $200-300.

Massachusetts Sales Tax Exemption

Unless you live in a handful of states, sales tax can really add to your clients’ solar system purchase price. In order to make solar power even more affordable, Massachusetts’s lawmakers have decided to exempt PV systems from sales tax.

Massachusetts Property Tax Exemption

Going solar is a great way to build equity into your home. In fact, some experts claim that going solar adds twenty times your annual electricity savings to your home’s value. That’ great, but it can add up to substantially higher property taxes. Not in Massachusetts, though. Solar power systems are exempt from property tax increases for 20 years.

Massachusetts Solar Power State Tax Credits

Your solar clients are eligible for a state tax credit of 15% of the installed cost of their solar systems. The credit maxes out at $1,000, but it’s still a very attractive incentive.

Federal Tax Credits That Apply to Massachusetts Residents

Of course, Mass residents are also eligible for the 30% federal solar tax credit, which, unlike the state credit, has no cap. The credit is good for qualified expenditures related to the installation and purchase of solar and other sustainable energy systems. It’s important to note that the federal credit is figured after state rebates have been deducted.

The federal government also allows solar customers to take advantage of accelerated depreciation, deducting approximately 20% of the total system cost each year for five years. So if you're a solar installer in Massachusetts, consider the long list of potential incentives for your clients, and partner with RGR today -- we offer the highest quality solar leads in the industry.

[Photo Via: Revision Energy]

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